Donut on the brain? |

Donut on the brain?

For any of you downvalley trash that missed it, a letter appeared in both papers written by Richard Gordon regarding pavement and such. One of his comments put a kink in my day.

You see, I think that the cheese has fallen off of Richards’ Triscut. Either that or a jelly donut is lodged into his brain.

He writes: “The downvalley commuters don’t care if he (Mick Ireland) four-lanes and strip-malls all of Pitkin County. They just want to get in, get their money and get out as fast as possible. Probably the only happy thought of their commute is that their exhaust emissions are killing the people who Iive in Aspen.”

So, Dick, If you have any downvalley friends left, I’m sure that they’ve explained to you the idiocy of your comments. Aspen and downvalley communities are co-dependent.

If your moronity leaves you without the capability to understand such words as co-dependent or any other words in this letter, please get a dictionary and have someone show you so that you don’t miss my meaning.

If I were to organize a downvalley strike (don’t be embarrassed, look it up), Aspen would be helpless, shut down, finished. Many of us love Aspen, but can’t afford to live there. I’m trying to speak monosyllabolically (sound it out, friends) enough for you to understand.

Don’t tell us what we think. That was your mistake. By now what friends you have left are looking for you to tell you what someone has said about you in the paper.

How does it feel? People like you make me feel like hating Aspen. I just can’t do it, though. I love the place too much.

By the way, if you’d like to discuss the matter further, I’m easy to find.

Buckley Bailey-Gates

El Jebel

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