Don’t we deserve better than these two? |

Don’t we deserve better than these two?

Dear Editor:

“I have a dream.” I am breaking a promise to myself never to write down my thoughts and aggravations with regard to the politics in this great country. Well, here I go.

To start off with, don’t we deserve someone to vote for to run this great country other than McCain or Obama? It would take an altruistic, intelligent, special person to take on this extremely difficult, low-paying job. Another JFK, FDR, Reagan or someone new, like C. Powell or C. Rice, that we are fairly sure would not harm the structure or the appearance of the U.S.A. I do not have anyone in mind; my vote may go to Robert Barr, even though it would be a wasted vote. However, maybe a vote for McCain would keep a man and his wife out of the White House who do not like white people and who may have some loyalty problems.

Have we had enough of the one-sided media supplying us with too many negative thoughts and shame? I cannot continue to watch communist news network (CNN), O’Reilly, Hannity and, perhaps the least fair and balanced (without liberty and justice for all), Aspen’s Con man. Rush is entertaining, and Fox does come out with some balanced news quite often. Other than the unbiased news, what I would like to hear on the radio and watch on TV would be some of our wise men discussing how to better our system, rational and logical changes. Not that our present politicians would allow the changes.

Let’s start with the poor. Help them help themselves, and do not tax those in the lower-income bracket. A properly executed and administered consumption tax would work and save us billions by getting rid of most of the IRS. We’d punish the rich by charging them 20 percent extra for all that they spend on their luxuries, to include the big houses (mine included), planes, boats, clothes, jewelry, etc. The middle class would have to pay something. Some more savings, a real “dream,” would be to have merely 50 senators and cut the House of Non-representatives by 40 percent, saving us billions. Those remaining must be held accountable, passing no bills with addenda (favors/pork). More savings: Drop out of the United Nations and stop sending money to countries that hate us and constantly vote against the United States.

Now, all of this is too much: a real “dream” that lawyers and politicians wouldn’t allow we the people to accomplish. I do have one more “dream,” and that is, our teachers and professors learn, and abide by, to teach our children how to think, not what to think.

I have poured out enough of my soul, so I will not get into our borders, illegals, gas and energy, limiting lawsuit awards, despotic judges, Social Security, health care, the polar bears, etc. I am deeply concerned.

Dick Fitzgerald


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