Don’t vote for Johnson |

Don’t vote for Johnson

Dear Editor:

Jack Johnson, the victim? I’m sorry, but this just isn’t the truth.

Jack has nobody to blame but himself now that his record has been widely shared. While the facts are known about Jack and his role in devaluing numerous properties in Aspen through emergency Ordinance 30, including my own, his questionable behavior as an elected representative becomes clear. He is all about power, control and mandates that affect private property. His short-sighted, self-serving attitude has cost the taxpayers of Aspen millions and millions of dollars on real estate follies. My property was just one of many prime examples of Jack Johnson’s reckless voting and spending at taxpayers’ expense. These are not admirable Aspen traits, nor should they be tolerated. Aspen and Pitkin County taxpayers cannot afford to have Jack Johnson in any elected position, nor representing our private property rights, ever again.

To deflect from the issues of Jack’s leadership style and tactics in favor of shooting the messenger is even less admirable. The issues and the facts clearly demonstrate Jack’s conspiratorial behavior and continued arrogance to circumvent the law and count votes prior to the Ordinance 30 legislation being brought forward. This behavior is hardly what Aspen or Pitkin County needs from its elected officials. And what about his interest in falsifying VIN numbers? And his hideous disrespect for his constituents and the public as a member of Aspen City Council? Consider his utter disdain for private property owners. The list goes on. Jack Johnson’s “style” of politics and intolerable antics do not represent common sense values, nor basic courtesy.

Jack’s behavior is indefensible. Any vote for Jack Johnson is some sort of protest vote because his terrible record has been made public is at the expense of Aspen and Pitkin County residents, property owners and the global image of Aspen and Pitkin County.

No on Jack Johnson!

Jordan Gerberg


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