Don’t vote for Doc Phillip in Carbondale |

Don’t vote for Doc Phillip in Carbondale

Dear Editor:

With Carbondale’s upcoming spring Town Council trustee election for three open seats, please do not vote for Doc Phillip. Vote for John Hoffman and Pam Zentmyer for their second terms.

These two candidates already have been incredibly open, learning, caring, wonderful and giving to keep Carbondale at least occasionally breathing and not getting hit over the head again like when most other trustees were serving. Our town councils have been getting worse and dysfunctional over the past decade or so – like how the stock market dysfunctions.

Even consider a vote for Stacy Stein. She has been volunteering, donating and evolving at everything fun and functional for more than a Carbondale decade. Stacy even worked with the environmental board to help get the dandelion to become the official town flower and Sopris Park to still be organic.

Here is why you should not vote for Doc Phillip. He would do too much at attempting to bite certain heads off and trying to keep Carbondale at least a somewhat alive and a happy-fun town instead of becoming just another stressed-out and suburbanized town with mall mania.

Carbondale should secede from the union and become its own nation.

We should totally legalize marijuana. Through all history, marijuana has never killed or made one person get sick or pass out the way alcohol has done daily forever. Carbondale-ville (Carbonation-dale) could easily use and support a few extra breweries and wineries that could specialize in drinkable pot wonders of the worlds, byproducts and crowds of tourists.

Alzheimer’s conditions over the next decade will literally start hitting about one out of four of us as seniors in the 75-plus age range. We should pre-plan for future use of one of the Ballentine-type buildings for the public and seniors, with year-round roller skating and/or jogging. The surrounding open space could be and should be multi-level senior and Alzheimer’s housing. They also would be right on the Rio Grande Trail and a block from downtown and the rec center.

Allow the Ute Indians to come back to Carbondale to take over the old 4,000-square-foot library and make it a downtown gambling hall and casino.

Keep the Village at Crystal River as open space and buy it. Get a bunch of home gardeners in there, and also end up with a year-round, world-class Frisbee course with a simple gravel-type walking and mountain-biking pathway, like at Delaney dog park.

Doc Phillip