Don’t use the ‘terrorist’ tag

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:Like Bush, “Aspenites for Intellectual Honesty and Integrity” (The Aspen Times, Sept. 6) are apparently neither intellectually honest nor bound to express their views with integrity.Bush called his bill to reduce air quality standards the “Clean Air Act,” and his bill to cut down more forests “The Healthy Forests Act.” And Mr. Kertz has to try and use the emotionally charged “terrorist” tag to distort and label those who don’t agree with his views.Dave Foreman, unlike Bush, never engaged in or condoned violence against people, which was made clear if Mr. Kertz had actually bothered to listen to the talk he criticized. Nor did he ever mention Bush. Mr. Foreman did speak strongly and eloquently in favor of preserving and expanding wilderness, which presumably puts him in strong opposition to the Bush administration, which works hard to invade and destroy our native wildlands.In reality, the “smart” terrorists want Bush back in office, because there is no better recruiting tool for them than the fever pitch of hatred, violence and anti-American rage that the Bush administration has helped foster on a global scale. It’s enough to make us want a nice peaceful wilderness trip to get away from it all, if we can find our way through the oil and gas rigs that are littering the landscape!Michael McVoyAspen