Don’t use any de-icers |

Don’t use any de-icers

Cally Shadowshot

With response to the question on the front page of Tuesday’s Aspen Times, “Mag vs. sand: What’s better?” the answer is: Neither. Use nothing.

We live in the mountains, after all; it snows. That’s probably why a large percentage of us came here and why we have the tourism we do. Drive a good car, make sure you have good tires and slow down.

Mag chloride and sand both wreak havoc on the environment, so why is it even a debate? Mag is evil. The roads are still icy, even when it is used. I see cars off the road every snowstorm, so it does not necessarily help.

Anyone coming to this area should be prepared to drive on icy roads. If the roads are plowed promptly, when the sun comes out, it will melt.

We live in the mountains where the water is captured, at the source; why contaminate the rivers? I thought Aspen wanted to be a “Green City.”

Instead of costly Mag or sand, why not allocate that money to something we need more urgently, like an animal shelter?


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