Don’t twist Hunter’s memory |

Don’t twist Hunter’s memory

Dear Editor:I must agree with Mr. Van Ness (Aspen Times, June 21) regarding the issue of twisting the memory of Hunter Thompson into some promotional figure for this year’s Just Say No to Drugs campaign. HST, God bless him, made no bones about his constitutional freedoms and the fact that he made the best of them all regularly. He should be rewarded, not slandered or libeled!Hunter had the guts, for lack of a better publishable word, to stand up for the Fourth Amendment rights afforded each and every one of us, and fight tooth and nail against the tyranny that now lurks around the corner of every home in America. We need people like him, for most Americans lack the finances and profound voice to stand up and tell the government to F-off when they intrude into our lives. The loss of Hunter was perhaps one of the final nails in the coffin of the Fourth Amendment. Combine it with a long list of horrible decisions by the United States Supreme Court recently, and we have the ingredients for a police state with laws now being enforced by a bunch of high school dropout cops, or as HST might have said, “Nazi swine.” But this is another issue.Simply stated, don’t ruin the Good Doctor’s decades of work so that you can draw attention to a matter that most people don’t seem to be concerned with. If people were worried about their loved ones doing a little dope, they would be looking out for them instead of sitting here and reading this rubbish.Why not put all that effort into solving real problems, like running that Nazi prick out of the White House while there are still a few jobs and a little Social Security intact!Bryan MonroeAtlanta