Don’t trash paradise |

Don’t trash paradise

Dear Editor:

I have been picking up trash along Highway 82. It is completely unfathomable the amount of trash thrown out on the highway. I have picked up 30 bags so far and am not done. Each bag represents one to one and a half hours of my time.

The worst offenders: cigarette smokers. Cigarettes do not disintegrate, and they are an incredible eyesore and wildfire danger. What part of ashtray don’t you understand? If you must smoke, use your ashtray. The same goes for beer and pop drinkers. Why must you throw your empty containers out on the highway? It’s amazing to me to live in such a beautiful place and have people take no pride in it.

I don’t want to live in a garbage dump, and I have better things to do than picking up your butts and trash! Pick up after yourself!

Pam Hope


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