Don’t throw the first stone |

Don’t throw the first stone

Dear Editor:I read another anti-Krabloonik letter today. Most of us love animals and want to support good stewardship practices. However, many of these anti-K letters have gone past supporting effective change and constructive criticism right into hypocrisy. Several months ago, Dan agreed to make changes in his business practices and the way he cares for his animals. I am sure most have heard the biblical quote, “He who has not sinned may cast the first stone.” It’s often easier to scapegoat another then to take a good look at oneself.Do you eat fish, chicken or beef? What happens to the remains of those animals we buy in plastic packaging at the local market? I guarantee those animals don’t receive a proper burial. Are these animals any less important than dogs? Do you wear conventionally grown cotton clothing, the most chemically intensive crop on the planet? How many farm workers and animals have died from cancer as a result of exposure to the pesticides and herbicides used to grow this cotton? How about all the electricity used in our homes, most of which is created by burning fossil fuels – leading to air, water and land pollution and global warming? Resulting in the premature deaths of thousands of animals and humans. Do you have the most energy-efficient appliances in your house? Or how about the animals displaced by drilling thousands of gas wells in the Western Slope to support our comfortable lifestyles?As a direct result of how successful and careless we are as a species, we are in the midst of the one of largest mass extinction rates of plants and animals this planet has ever experienced. I don’t know Dan and I have never been to Krabloonik. Sure, he could probably learn a thing or two but who among us couldn’t? Before you pass judgment on another from the Roaring Fork community, take a good hard look at your own lifestyle and its impacts on the planet. Constructive criticism, I am all for it but publicly assassinating Dan, while you’re eating beef, wearing conventionally grown cotton and leather clothing, driving a gas-guzzling SUV, buying pesticide-grown cut flowers for the vase from Central America, leaving your lights on, watering thirsty landscaping, using toxic personal care and cleaning products, living in a house made of wood from the rain forest or clear cutting, eating conventionally grown fruits and vegetables … is both hypocritical and wrong.No one is perfect, certainly not me and certainly not you! Until your poop comes out white and smells like roses, keep it to yourself.Branden CohenLenado

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