Don’t throw in the towel |

Don’t throw in the towel

Dear Editor:Responding to John Hoffman’s letter Monday, April 2, I am so surprised at his comments. The damage is not already done, and the whole point about the bicycle trail issue is to reasonably come up with a plan that works for native species and humans.There can never be a day where we throw in the towel and do not look back. The wildlife task force study that was presented last week in Redstone was comprehensive and thorough. Attendance was large, and the only people missing were county representatives with interest in this study.When a person lives up the Crystal River, you see the large band of sheep on a daily basis, happily lounging around and grazing on the new-grown grasses in Filoha Meadows. They lazily meander down to the river for a drink and then lay in the sunshine, on and around the old railroad bed. Orchids are beginning to reach up into the sky for the new growing season ahead, and the world in the meadow is coming to life. I urge all who want to experience spring in its finest, to drive up highway 133 and pull into the parking area and watch this phenomena. You wont be disappointed.The wildlife study is available on the Pitkin County website. While it is a large and detailed compilation of information, the study reveals to us an amazing education of animal and plant life in the Crystal River Valley. I am so thankful to live in such a beautiful place and to know there are so many people who appreciate life here the same way as I do.One last comment: Today the NRDC announced the Mexican government has donated 109,000 acres of federal lands surrounding gray whale habitat for conservation, thus saving the world’s last unspoiled gray whale nursery in Baja Mexico. If there could be a similar announcement to alter even a part of the coming bike trail, then the efforts on all sides would have come together.Nancy ChromyRedstone

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