Don’t tear up the rails |

Don’t tear up the rails

Dear Editor:As a native of the Roaring Fork Valley, I am distressed at the thought of tearing up the rails between Glenwood Springs and Woody Creek. Why could we not develop a sightseeing tour by train of our spectacular Colorado scenery? The idea seems to work in other places such as Silverton, Georgetown and Chamas, N.M. If the new gondola up to the Fairy Caves works, why would not a train from Glenwood to Woody Creek be viable? The RFTA bus system could shuttle passengers the rest of the way into Aspen and back to Woody for the return trip. While we are at it, why not further develop the trails system for bikers and joggers? Woody already has part of a trail system in place and so does Basalt both south and west of town.If government funds are not available, why not private donations from the valley residents? Where there is a will, there is a way! I feel this would attract thousands of visitors to our part of the nation and perhaps would entice them to return to ski, taking away some of the business from Vail. Please don’t tear up the rails until the matter is thoroughly investigated!Earl V. ElmontBasalt author and historian

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