Don’t tarnish the name

Dear Editor:

As a young man, my father reminded me that we only have one name in life and it is yours to cherish and protect. But a black mark on your name can never be erased. I have watched Roderick O’Connor firsthand at work in a very difficult and delicate situation, and he showed all the great qualities of a human being, compassion, trust, fairness, sympathy, service above self, peace and integrity. Being a police officer is not an easy job, especially in these times of me before them. Roderick has dedicated himself to his job and community, bringing to bear many years of his peacekeeping knowledge to protecting us. He has served our little town of Basalt quite well, and we hope he is not being looked at as just a replaceable item and that the Town Council and manager do the right thing and keep this dedicated peace officer as not only our police chief but as the smiling face that we want to represent our town of Basalt. You are only given one name, so please don’t tarnish his.

Tripp Adams