Don’t target Iran |

Don’t target Iran

Dear Editor:

In the next few days, a bill is to be introduced in the Colorado state legislature calling for the state pension fund PERA to divest from companies doing business with Iran. Pension fund decisions should be financial not political. Unlike the U.S., Iran has not preemptively attacked any other country in well over 100 years. Other than a propaganda campaign by the Bush Administration, there is no reason to target Iran.

The best way to bring about change in another country is to increase trade and various people, cultural and business exchanges. Having visited Iran, I can tell you that the U.S. sanctions and the campaign to promote democracy in Iran has had the reverse effect and instead increased the power of the hard-line fundamentalists.

Among those groups clearly opposed to this legislation are the Colorado Retired School Employees Association and Friends of PERA. Our state representatives need to be encourage not to pass this legislation.

Cathleen Krahe


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