Dont take it out on the locals |

Dont take it out on the locals

Editors note: This letter was originally addressed to Aspen City Council members.Dear Editor:I feel compelled to express my protest at the proposed closure of the left turn from Power Plant to Cemetery Lane.I am a 10-year working local with two children. Our family of four uses the city bus system and school buses, and walks whenever possible. I must strenuously object to the closure of access to public roads to the majority of commuters and locals as a result of the complaints of a minority in the West End who dont want to see cars and trucks coming through. It is especially outrageous coming from a neighborhood primarily full of deserted second homes and minimal population except during short high seasons. Traffic is something we all have to deal with living in Aspen; no one can be exempt.I would suggest that enforcement of speed limits, stop signs, restricting heavy construction vehicles, or installing speed bumps in the West End would be a more appropriate response if that is an issue. Restricting all traffic to Main Street will back it up and create even more gridlock that already occurs on heavy snow days and summer holidays.Sometimes I must be in my car and use the back way through the West End. On Thursday it took an hour and 40 minutes to travel from the Yellow Brick to the ARC on Main Street as a result of the continuous construction on Highway 82. The big-city traffic in our small town is a result of so many factors that are endlessly discussed with no resolution in sight, and the city of Aspens chipping away at the working commuters and locals is not the solution.Audrey EllisAspen

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