Don’t sweep this issue under the rug |

Don’t sweep this issue under the rug

Dear Editor:In reply to the Aspen Times editorial of June 29 (“Feeling racial tension close to home”), I would like to clarify a few things.First there was no argument between myself and those two L.A. gangbangers in the Basalt 7-Eleven. They threatened me three times in five minutes and the only thing I said in reply was, “If you like my hat, you’ll love my T-shirt.” It has a Poncho Villa-like character on it and the phrase, “Jesus (say: ‘Hey Zeus’) is my gardener.”I was chuckling when they walked out and thinking, NOT saying, chief, “Bring it on.” That’s what I told officer Brook, and if Chiefy had bothered to listen to the audio on the 7-Eleven tape he took, he wouldn’t be making dumbass statements to the press about what I said to these two scumbags.Secondly, the editorial referred to a conflict between citizens and immigrants. The conflict is between citizens and illegal aliens; there’s a BIG difference! The bleeding-heart, open-borders bozos always omit that word “illegal.”For those who look upon illegal entry as trivial, take a look at those bullet holes in the Basalt 7-Eleven window. Among the 25 million illegal aliens in the USA are a million violent felons. That’s the result of not controlling our borders.Thirdly, calling this craven act of violence “foolish” is outrageous! Puppy love is foolish, this was murderous. If some punk has a problem with my hat, take it up with me. Don’t hide in the dark, shoot at women and children, and then run away like scared little girls. There is a God, and I wish those two pieces of dung a toasty afterlife.Lastly, I’d like to give Basalt Pool Chief Ikeda a clue: check out M-13 on the Internet. It’s an El Salvadoran gang whose fashion trademark is white tank tops, baggy pants and lots of tattoos on the upper body. Did you notice a “13” on that mute coward you questioned and released? The guy isn’t up here for the fishing or festivals, chief, he’s most likely running a load of meth or coke.Is sweeping this under the rug someone’s idea of easing racial tensions in the valley? Ignore it, and maybe it’ll go away? Or just afraid to let the public know L.A. gangs have moved into the valley?To protect and serve, it says on the shiny new squad cars. How come I don’t feel all that safe?Bruno KirchenwitzBasalt

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