Don’t support puppy mills |

Don’t support puppy mills

Dear Editor:This letter is written in regard to the truckload of puppies recently brought into the Roaring Fork Valley. While purchasing the puppies may seem to be a good avenue for rescuing them, the cold hard fact is that the purchase simply supports the horrid industry, puppy mills, that produced those puppies.Since the seller had such a successful trip, I predict he and his friends will be back! To that end, I have contacted the Colorado Department of Agriculture to learn what avenue of action is available in a similar situation.The vehicle for regulation in Colorado for pet care facilities is the Pet Animal Care Facilities Act (PACFA). By regulation, puppies cannot be brought into the state and sold at the side of the road. Animals that are brought into the state must have a pre-arranged buyer, or the seller must have a Colorado PACFA license.When the puppy mill seller returns please call PACFA at (303) 239-4167. Animal Control in the city or county where the vendor is located is the second contact call to be made. Obtaining as much information as possible regarding the seller could be very helpful as well. Vehicle description, license tag, name, etc can help track down these villains.PACFA information can be obtained at: I am on my soapbox, I will conclude with a comment about pet stores that sell puppies; puppy mills supply them too. Please do not support such stores. The puppy mill industry would die if it were not financially profitable.Laura Van Dyne, CPDTThe Canine Consultant LLCCarbondale

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