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Don’t sign petitions

Dear Editor:I had to laugh when reading Scott McDonald’s letter (Aspen Times, Jan. 5) attacking me as the “Sheriff of Nottingham,” the “king of equivocation and largesse” along with the town of Aspen as “Sin City,” “corrupt,” “sycophantic,” “sectarian” and “pernicious.”One would almost think Mr. McDonald hated Aspen along with those who dare to disagree with him. Accompanying these ad hominem attacks on me, Rachel Richards, Frank Peters and others is a demand that the anti-Burlingame petitions be considered on their merits as “good government” aimed at “more transparency.”I wish Mr. McDonald would leave the Aspen pulp histrionics aside. Leave the colorful fiction to Patrick Hasburgh – he’s better at it.The personal attacks are a transparent attempt to obfuscate the issues surrounding Burlingame. The petitions aim to require a vote on every affordable housing project over 10 units and require millions of dollars of research studying any and all possible negative impacts. In addition, the petitions would require the city to renounce its contract with the Zolines and place a multimillion-dollar breach of contract judgment on the shoulders of the taxpayers.Mr. McDonald, Ms. Kronberg et al. might have more credibility if they even once acknowledged the many positive impacts of affordable housing, the sense of community, the tens of millions of miles in commuting reduced each year, the support for local-serving businesses that the program makes possible. Does the sun ever shine on these people or what?In 10 years as a county commissioner, I have yet to see Ms. Kronberg or Mr. McDonald come to a meeting and complain about the impacts of base villages, giant hotels, monster homes or any development. Apparently, Aspen can be home for anyone who can make a speculative buck, but the Lord help the hapless worker bee who dares seek the dignity of a small home near town.The reality is the petitions he supports are aimed at dishonoring seven years of very open, transparent elections, meetings and reviews of a badly needed project. Please do not sign those petitions and force Burlingame to yet another election.Mick IrelandAspenMember of HOPE

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