Don’t shun the locals, Skico |

Don’t shun the locals, Skico

Dear Editor:

On Tuesday, Nov. 16, I called Aspen Skiing Co. to purchase an Aspen Classic Ski Pass, only to find out they were no longer selling them to the locals. The nice girl I spoke to said Skico wanted to work with the locals and would be happy to try and sell me another pass. She kindly asked how many days a year I skied and I replied about five days. She then told me I would need to purchase a regular day ticket for about $99 … they didn’t have any other discounts for locals.

I feel Skico can do better than this. For many people in this town it has been a tough couple of years. Many people have been laid off. Many are having a hard time paying rent, as well as mortgages. I know people in real estate that haven’t closed a deal in two years and a lot people who can’t find a job.

If you are lucky enough to have a job, very few offer a ski pass any more. Many of these people missed the date to buy their tickets and because of that won’t ski this year. I, like many of my friends, like to get on the mountain for a couple of hours. The perfect ski day for me is getting a few girls together, skiing a couple of runs, having lunch at the top of the mountain and skiing back to work. But at $99 for a couple of hours, it’s probably not going to happen this year.

I don’t understand the logic. What difference would it have made if I had bought the ticket on Nov. 12 verses Nov. 16, or for that matter, Nov. 23?

Does Skico not understand it is because of the locals, the people who live here year-round, that make Aspen what it is. We shop in the stores, eat at the restaurants, pay our taxes and promote this town better than any million-dollar ad campaign could ever hope to accomplish (photos of the recent snow are already all over Facebook, and if Skico doesn’t realize the significance of this free advertising, they are living in the Dark Ages). Without the behind-the-scenes work that is done year-round by the local community, Aspen would not be what is it today. It is because of the people in this town I have stayed here for 15 years, and it is because of these people that the tourists come back year after year and Aspen is loved by so many.

Come on, Skico, give those who missed the opportunity to buy the Aspen Classic Pass another chance – or offer us a ticket that is affordable. It’s a win, win, win for all!

Kristi Gilliam