Don’t shoot "I’m just a dog |

Don’t shoot "I’m just a dog

Dear Editor:

I recently wrote a letter to the editor about the death of a dog named Cain, who was shot last New Year’s Eve (Aspen Times Weekly Letters, Jan. 20). What prompted my letter was an Aspen Times Weekly opinion piece by Gary Hubbell titled, “No one but yourself to blame if your dog is shot” (Jan. 13).

The question I posed in the letter to Mr. Hubbell was, why did he think he needed to write this piece? Did he think the family who owned the dog that was killed wasn’t upset enough? I also questioned The Aspen Times as to why they thought this column was appropriate. In my opinion, the column was just plain mean and in extremely bad taste.

In my letter, I invited Gary Hubbell to come on my GrassRoots TV show and debate the merits of his argument. He did not show, nor did I ever hear from him. Then five minutes after I finished filming, Mr. Hubbell called. Gary told me he recently had moved but would talk with me on the phone.

I asked Gary about his column, and he explained first that he had five dogs, that the one overwhelming purpose of the column was to teach Seth Hollar, the owner of Cain, a lesson. Gary thought Seth’s letter to the editor contained a sentence toward the end that was highly inflammatory. The sentence in question, “The next time you need to take a life … you can surely bet that I know where you should start.”

I agreed Seth probably should have left that out of his letter, but come on ” his dog was just murdered. Then Gary corrected me. Only human beings can be murdered. According to Webster’s dictionary, Gary was correct. I should have said that Cain was executed or slaughtered ” that would have been grammatically correct


I pointed out to Gary that the police report said Cain seemed to be just walking home when he was killed, and there was no indication he had bothered any wildlife, or cows. Gary responded that the Garfield County police were “morons and not necessarily the sharpest knives in the drawer,” and that Cain being a mastiff, a breed with a history of chasing other animals, could have “just killed three deer for all you know.” Gary’s right. I do not know what Cain was doing just before someone murdered ” excuse me ” executed him.

At the end of our conversation Gary suggested Cain might have been vicious. I tend to doubt Seth or his wife Lisa would put their son in jeopardy. If you were to look at the pictures I’ve seen, Cain didn’t look very vicious to me. Cain looked like the family pet. But, what do I know?

As I previously said, Gary has moved away from Aspen, although I’m not sure exactly where. When I asked him, Gary wasn’t forthcoming with that information, although he did remind me I was from New York. Why he needed to point this out I didn’t understand. Maybe he just didn’t finish his train of thought. Maybe he forgot to remind me I was also Jewish, after all he does bill himself as “The Redneck Tree-Hugger” in his column.

I am not sure why Gary has moved away. Maybe to become a teacher of life lessons, maybe wherever he has moved has a better police department, maybe because his brand of logic will play better in his new community? But, I am sure I will not miss Gary Hubbell, his thought process, or his “love” for man’s best friend.

Andrew Kole


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