Don’t screw the locals |

Don’t screw the locals

Dear Editor:July first is here, just when you thought it was safe to open your doors for the summer tourist season.But watch out, some of those pesky locals are still hanging about. You can spot these non-consumers by their lack of Gucci purses or stupid shirts that only say “Aspen” on them. These types are sure to not purchase any of your over-priced crap, and may be wearing a stained pair of Carhartt pants that they bought at the co-op in Carbondale.We don’t want to mention any specifics, but Caribou jewelers sucks. Now we are not longtime locals, only having been here about 20 years, and there are many who have been here longer. But only recently while standing on the public sidewalk, we were informed that our presence did not appear all too inviting, and we were only delivering a classic Aspen lunch of Johnny’s to one of our fellow hard-working pals.We do realize that not all Aspen businesses are guilty of this and many are longtime locals in their own right. We too embrace the annual runs of returning tourists that make this great town the best in the world. So you all know who you are out there, don’t screw the locals.Ry Neiley, Stuart LaCroixAspen, Woody Creek

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