Don’t say I didn’t try |

Don’t say I didn’t try

Nate Peterson
The Aspen Times
Aspen, CO Colorado

“How come you never write about me in your On The Hills?” your girlfriend asked, seemingly out of nowhere, a few weeks back.

The question hit you right in your solar plexus, leaving you speechless. You realized she had a point. In this space you’ve written about virtually everyone you go snowboard­ing with, including, but not limited to, your dad, your sib­lings, your friends and their friends, and your loony cowork­ers. And that’s not even mentioning the whole assortment of random charac­ters you’ve encountered on chairlift rides over the last three winters who you deemed worthy of some ink. Yet you’ve never mentioned her, even though you’re on the hill with her more than anyone.

You coughed out some weak expla­nation that you couldn’t possibly encapsulate your days together on the mountain in a trifling 300-word col­umn. She looked at you the way your mother used to when she knew you were fibbing.

Your girlfriend quickly forgot about the exchange, but you didn’t. You especially thought about it this past week while she was away in Florida and you were on a lonely chairlift ride and missing her completely.

You realized your initial explanation was actually spot-on: There’s just not enough space here to explain why she is so special, your best friend, the cheese to your macaroni as far as shred pals go.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t try.

Reason No. 57: She graciously spots your landings below various rocks you feel inclined to huck yourself off. (And doesn’t roll her eyes afterward when you end up on your butt.)

Reason No. 110: She never flinched, never once bitched when you accidentally took her down a cliff-lined deathtrap at Crested Butte when she was coming down with the flu.

Reason No. 313: She always knows the exact right time to stop for hot chocolate.

Reason No. 596: At 5 feet, 2 inches, she charges powder harder than most dudes twice her size.

Reason No. 1,558: She’s not a park rat, so your pathetic fear of rails isn’t a hang-up with her.

Reason No. 5,009: She looks sexy in snowboarding pants and boots.

The Aspen Skiing Co. reported no new snow on local slopes over the past 24 hours in its Thursday morning snow report.

The Colorado Avalanche Information Center report for the Aspen zone on Thursday, March 27:

The avalanche danger is moderate on all aspects near and above treeline. Steep, wind-loaded slopes facing NE-E-SE are the most suspect ones for human-triggered avalanches today. Below treeline the danger is low.

Go to for the full report and information on conditions statewide.


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