Don’t re-elect Martin Beeson |

Don’t re-elect Martin Beeson

Dear Editor:

District Attorney Martin Beeson, in his response to a question about legalizing marijuana, made three statements that were incorrect. The fact that he was wrong can easily be confirmed with a quick search for the appropriate information on the Internet. So is Beeson just amazingly, willfully ignorant, or is he a blatant liar? In either case, do we really want a man who is either that ignorant or that willing to lie to hold a position where he is responsible for the lives and freedom of Americans?

To put it another way, if you were an innocent person charged with a crime, would you want your prosecutor to be a person who either wants to remain ignorant of the facts in your case or is willing to lie about them just to be able to add the years of your incarceration to his tally of “success”?

I’m all for punishing criminals, but I don’t think we should act like criminals in order to punish them. Think about it.

Agustin Goba

Snowmass Village

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