Don’t pander to a few |

Don’t pander to a few

I am a condominium owner at the Enclave. It has come to my attention that the Town Council’s decision to start the new lift at Base Village may be reversed. I hope this does not happen.

It would be a shame to keep revisiting good decisions when there are so many important issues to resolve, i.e. density, mass, parking and auto traffic.

The Town Council should encourage the mall owners to redevelop the mall in conjunction with the Base Village project. If the new lift starts at the village, you will be pandering to the special interests of a few and ignoring the general interests of the citizens and property owners of Snowmass Village.

To date, the Town Council has done a wonderful job of weighing the vital interests of all sides. I trust that will continue on a fair basis and the process will not be influenced by prejudice toward the mall owners and tenants.

Norman L. Matthew

Snowmass Village

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