Don’t obliterate the view |

Don’t obliterate the view

Dear Editor:

Good manners indicate we thank Lift One Task Force members for the inordinate amount of time they’ve given to discussions about Lift One and Aspen Street development. However, I’m confused.

Several years ago, the “infill experts” from Denver and Boulder told locals it was unreasonable to expect to see a mountain view from every vantage point in town; we were told to resign ourselves to cohabitate with tall buildings and to resign ourselves to see our beloved mountains from the corner of the street.

Every single day I lift my eyes up Aspen Street toward the mountain and I never take that magnificence for granted. That vista feeds my soul. So you can imagine how distressed I was to read Friday that the Lift One Task Force had voted unanimously to obliterate one of the few remaining spectacular mountain views in town. Was preserving Aspen Mountain’s beauty not one of the group’s goals?

At the risk of sounding like a Monday morning quarterback, you don’t have to be a city planner to understand you cannot construct a 59-foot building on the side of a very steep mountain and not end up with a skyscraper! That’s fundamental. What are they thinking?

Last year I agreed with the concept of The Lodge at Aspen being long because it would be parallel to Aspen Street so the length would not be visible from below, and would NOT totally obstruct the view of the mountain. I liked the idea of a meandering upper Aspen Street, but you can’t combine a meandering street and a skyscraper and still see the mountain!

The view of Ajax from the corner of Aspen and Durant is a magnificence created millions of years ago and it is sacred. No mortal has the right to deface that beauty.

I realize there are too many pieces in the Lift One puzzle, but I would have hoped it would be a basic premise for the good of the community, as well as future generations, that you don’t obliterate the view of the mountain by putting a skyscraper in the middle of Aspen Street! Move it to the side. There MUST be a law against defacing God’s beauty when there are other options.

Susan O’Neal


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