Don’t nit-pick good causes |

Don’t nit-pick good causes

I’m writing this letter on behalf of the Gabriel Foundation.

Why, in this valley, every time someone tries to do something extremely positive for a great cause, are they literally nit-picked by every Tom, Dick and Harry until their project is literally dead in the water?

Why can’t these governments and individuals use this energy to go forward and see the benefits from a fantastic idea like the Gabriel Foundation, instead of only seeing the negative? Why can’t they come up with some solutions, disguise the flight cage, soundproof one side of it, plant trees, do something, besides continually pushing these great projects farther and farther downvalley until they are out of sight and out of mind?

I never heard anyone complain about any of the happenings or any new structures erected at Windstar. Maybe the Gabriel founders could pull a full Bandar, just contribute 500K to the right organization and build anything anywhere.

Don Dixon