Don’t muzzle the troops |

Don’t muzzle the troops

Dear Editor:

A general, speaking on Memorial Day for the U.S. military, has issued an order that privates up to generals cannot discuss politics. But it’s OK to vote, thank God (if there is a God).

How dare they “muzzle” our troops. For God’s sake (if there is a God), that’s what our troops are fighting and dying for ” freedom of speech.

I bet you a million dollars this came right out of the Oval Office. It’s exactly what Bush and Cheney have been doing for eight years ” walking all over our beloved Constitution.

An Army captain (friend) was dressed down by a superior officer because he criticized Bush. Did our young brave people sign away their rights as provided by the Constitution when they joined the military? I don’t think so!

What does McCain think? Not a “peep” will come out of him.

Richard C. Goodwin

Snowmass Village