Don’t mess with the BPD |

Don’t mess with the BPD

Dear Editor:The politics are pretty heated up in Basalt right now, so I think it’s time to consider something positive. A little known fact about Basalt Police Chief Keith Ikeda is that he travels nationally to train other police departments in things like community building and domestic violence. He has training for this from the FBI and Justice Department.Chief Ikeda used this training here in Basalt a couple of years ago when the issue of teen drinking got out of hand. Parties were attracting a couple of hundred kids. Penny Paxton, the school resource officer, went to the leadership class at Basalt High School and asked the kids to facilitate a solution to their peers’ problem. He also asked Virginia Newton of Roaring Fork Leadership to guide the students.Long story short – the students, parents, cops, Mayor Duroux and others ended up in a room discussing the problem. Students found out that drinking is not acceptable. Some parents discovered that other parents were very concerned when the kids were at their house. And maybe the most important point is that if a life threatening event occurs the teens aren’t afraid of the cops.There is no substitute for the process of people being civil and discussing issues. The results have integrity.So, don’t mess with the cops in Basalt. They’ll make you a better person.Jim PaussaBasalt

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