Don’t mess with Texas |

Don’t mess with Texas

Dear Editor:OK, enough is enough. Every time I read a letter in this valley about the crowds, it seems that every argument seems to involve the people from Texas.Too bad so many people are so short-sighted. Sure, they dress differently and they talk differently. Who cares? These people fly in from Dallas and Houston where it’s 75 or 80 degrees so yes, 35 degrees is going to be cold. So, yes, they dress differently from those of us who live here. They live in Texas, so they won’t sound like you and I usually. Who cares?What a lot of these “bad Texans” do is bring in a lot of money. A lot of them own second homes. Which means they pay all kinds of property taxes and they don’t get to vote on anything involving our towns. How can this be bad? And tell me when the last time you saw a “bad Texan” skiing where you like to ski? Except for the runs coming into the lift lines, I haven’t seen one “Texan” skiing where I ski in 18 years of living in Colorado.I think it’s about time we give these people a break. I was born in Texas myself and have lived in Colorado for 18 years. I am a retired race coach and I raced in college. So if all you locals that think that all Texans get in your way, come see me and let’s take a couple of runs. Maybe I can show you some stuff in Crested Butte where I lived for 10 years where I know one “Texan” that won’t be in your way because you won’t be able to catch me. John LaCrosseCarbondale