Don’t make a vet move out |

Don’t make a vet move out

Dear Editor:

I read in a recent paper that the Aspen housing board has the guts to make a double amputee move out of employee housing (“Iraq vet could lose housing,” Feb. 25).

A young man gave up the best part of his life for some ungrateful people (includes everyone) just because he gets $32,0000, a little more than anyone is supposed to. You should build a special house, and anyone that Bush sent to Iraq that is lucky (if you could call it) enough to come back alive should deserve any and everything to make him happy.

Congress just gave themselves a $4,000 living expense raise. They should see that every veteran of the Iraq war or any other war has a place to live and a job if they are able to work. But you read every day of veterans living on the streets, who cannot get in veterans’ hospitals or cannot see a doctor. Some are waiting three years for an appointment and driving many miles to get there. Bush on down can get in a hospital (for free). Also Congress has insurance that cost them nothing. Just goes to show the government does not appreciate our servicemen and women.

Shame, shame on all of them. I am a old woman. I do not know any veterans, but I am disgusted with this government. You hear every day one of them is crooked and stealing money from the people of this country.

Mildred Baumbi