Don’t like it? Don’t go there |

Don’t like it? Don’t go there

Dear Editor:

I had no idea that bringing a grocery store to the midvalley would be the end of “small-town” Basalt as we know it. Thanks to all those who have educated me to that effect.

However, I am confused. Is it the development or the tenant that everyone is all wound up about? Since the developers have removed the grocery store from the rest of the application, and are now asking for a reallocation of their existing approved square footage, I fail to see what basis there would be for denial of the application. I

have seen remarks that the store is too expensive and a Safeway would be better. Really? Then the reallocation is all right as long as the grocery store isn’t too expensive to shop in. Or maybe it’s that it would generate too much traffic. People from Aspen to Vail would shop there! The horror! This is assuming that if the grocery store doesn’t go in and they build the approved retail space, it wouldn’t generate any customers or traffic. That kind of philosophy will sure make those spaces hard to lease ” go ahead, open your store, BUT DON’T LET IN ANY CUSTOMERS!

Look, if you don’t like Whole Foods, don’t shop there. If you are worried about the extra traffic, then you’re probably about 10 years too late. The square footage was already approved, like it or not, and something is going in there. I, for one, would much rather have a high-quality grocery store than a bunch of boutiques with stuff I neither need nor can afford.

Mary Holley


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