Don’t let ‘the few’ win |

Don’t let ‘the few’ win

It is an interesting observation, a sad observation, that “negativity” so often carries the day over the desires or possible “educated desires” of the “many.” A few, very vocal negative people sway the unthinking, unsure “many.”

So it is with trolleys. Most know little about them. Some are tired of the subject. “Get rid of them,” say the few.

Do we want to give to another town or city this incredibly valuable asset without truly focusing on their possibility for a town that has some serious economic woes in the winter?

It is really the few that cause wars and drag all of us in. It is the few that approach most things with anger, not thoughtfulness. It will be a few that will rid us of this wonderful, possible, plausible asset.

Must we let the negative few win? I don’t think so. Stand up and be counted. Tell City Council that you want to vote on the “idea of a trolley” system.

Jan Slany


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