Don’t let decrepit old men win |

Don’t let decrepit old men win

Ron Ibara
Snowmass Village

I urge everyone who lives in the Snowmass Village area who attends the X Games and registers to vote at the Rock the Vote booth to give yourself a voice in what happens in Snowmass Village. If you register to vote and live or have a P.O. box in Snowmass Village use that as your place of residency.

The future of Snowmass Village depends on you. Yeah, you lifties, snowboard and ski instructors, ski patrol, waiters, waitresses, maids, etc. The future of the town is being hijacked by these decrepit old nimby’s. (Yeah, these are the same “type” of people who complained about allowing snowboarding on Aspen Mountain.)

If they have their way, instead of partying with some people your age at several new bars that will be in the new base village, you will be stuck with the same old, dead night life, only probably worse, listening to Barry Manilow and Bing Crosby, with Botox-injected old hags and fat, decrepit Viagra-dependant old men.

Jack Hatfield and Jeff Tippet and bunch of other old farts, called the Citizens for Responsible Government, are trying to kill this new village where younger people might actually stay and party while visiting Snowmass, or gut it so much it will be a sterile, dead place filled with monster homes and multimillion-dollar condos, like Two Creeks. (Yeah, Jack Hatfield and his supporters helped gut that place before it was built and probably want the same type of place at the bottom of Fanny Hill.)

In the near future, do you want a choice of restaurants, shops and bars, without having to go to Aspen, or do you want the same “dead” town that closes up when the lifts do? Do you want to have your choice of interesting shops or do you want to go into a store and the only things they sell are Depends diaper undergarments, Ensure and Geritol?