Don’t let crybabies kill hotel |

Don’t let crybabies kill hotel

A group of businessmen purchase 2.4 acres between South Garmisch and South Aspen. The land is intended for future development. The people who did not purchase the land just above them are now complaining. There is fear and much commotion about what will occur next.

So the local government says that the developer must “bend” and make concessions for the benefit of those people who have had the enjoyment of the view without paying nor buying the adjacent land in the free market? Yet they demand that the developers bend once again in making their project a compromise.

Enter the street Nazis. Now the road is unsafe, so they want the developer to bend and make the city-owned street safer. The tax dollars generated should make the street safe whether or not there is a hotel.

In fact, is it their position that, perhaps, the present property owners should pay to remove snow from this very dangerous street? Absurd. We should picket City Hall for allowing unsafe conditions to exist, period.

The crybabies who chose to knowingly buy less desirable land should realize the fact, which they already knew when they bought their land, that someday a better use may devalue their property since they could not afford the more desirable parcel.

Additionally, the new lift will be shared by all property owners as the developer has to bend and purchase same.

The Planning and Zoning people do not look at this in a rational manner. The economic impact of a Four Seasons-caliber hotel, spa and restaurant, as well as fractional ownership of condominiums, can do nothing but be a positive impact to this small community.

The need is here and logic demands better treatment of producers with vision. The hotel project should be passed ” period.

A community without vision shall perish.

Jouko J. Rissanen

Snowmass Village