Don’t keep it bottled up |

Don’t keep it bottled up

Dear Editor:

In response to Tony Vagneur’s column on March 1 (“Can we all get along on the hill?”), I have this to say: “Stop your whining.” I imagine you are one of those people that looks at me with contempt yet says nothing when I violate your “ski etiquette.” If you have such a problem with the way others behave then get in their faces. It seems you prefer to stay silent and then complain about it in your little column ” lame.

Some of us have to incorporate work and skiing to be able to live the lifestyle we moved here for. This behavior is not unusual in America where we pretty much have to work all the time to keep our heads above water. If someone has to close a deal or field a call for work and they happen to be on the gondola then so be it. At least they don’t have to sit in a cubicle getting fat under fluorescent lights. If I try to block you from getting in the bucket so I can have a private “conversation” with my friends and you don’t assert yourself then that is your fault, not mine.

Toughen yourself up Tony and interact. It might improve your view on mankind. I could be wrong, maybe you do stand up for your precious “ski etiquette.” Good for you if that is the case, but I didn’t see anything in what you wrote that would lead me to believe that.

I also want to let you know that if you can’t find untracked snow on Ajax a week after a storm you need to get your powder-sniffer fixed. Relax man, there is plenty for everyone. If someone pisses you off, though, say something. Don’t hold it in, it will only stress you out.

Keith Brisson