Don’t hate me because I snowboard |

Don’t hate me because I snowboard

Editor’s note: “Dawn” posted a comment online at in response to a Feb. 13 letter from Jon Terry.

Dear Editor: Dawn obviously misses the point. “I hate all snowboarders because they’re punks.” Do you see any harm in this sentiment being stirred up by your local rag (the paper, not Carolyn), Dawn?

I wonder how that article got green lit myself. The election’s over, so let’s have a war between skiers and snowboarders? It’s simplistic hate speech, just like you hear from O’Reilly, Hannity and Limbaugh. And, excuse me, but where again was this “harm” supposedly inflicted by the maniacal punks on dope? I certainly hope they were stoned so as to get maximum enjoyment out of spraying the raging kook walking up a ski run designed for people to go down on, and fast. You’d have thought they’d run her off a cliff, or even just knocked her down. Nope. A little snow spray and some laughter…my God, the humanity! We should all hate them! Let’s make a little “I hate you” shrine on Tiehack, no smot poking allowed! This is for haters only, bring a bindle and a bitch.

No, I didn’t miss the point. Carolyn missed the point while stewing crazily in her mind all the way up that hill, then waiting at the ski patrol shack with Principal Skinner, enraged, instead of just skiing like she was there to do. A 10-second event ruined maybe two days of Carolyn’s life.

But, then for her to come down the hill and use her little soapbox to spread intolerance (actually, in her own words, hatred) for a huge subset of people is unbelievable. That it was published is also unbelievable. I read the online paper everyday and have for the 11 years it’s been since I left there, this is the first time I’ve ever written ” it was that bad. Hate is not a good thing, contrary to popular opinion.

I’ve never, once, intruded on a skiers space while snowboarding. Ever. Nobody I have ever snowboarded with has ever done such a thing. Hate me because I’m an a-hole, not because I snowboard.

Jon Terry

Pagosa Springs. Colo.

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