Don’t forget the seniors |

Don’t forget the seniors

Editor’s note: The following letter was addressed to the Pitkin Board of County Commissioners.

Dear Editor:

When deciding what your tax rate and mill levy should be, I would like you to be aware of certain facts that pertain to your senior constituents.

First, many seniors have seen substantial decreases in the value of their investments and in their retirement income.

Second, according to both the Eagle and Pitkin County assessors’ offices, the “property tax exemption for seniors” has been suspended by the state of Colorado. In past years, this exemption reduced the actual value of our residents properties by 50 percent up to a maximum reduction of $100,000 and reduced our taxes. The state paid the tax on the exempted value.

And third, according to the AARP Bulletin for June 2009, there will not be any cost of living increases (COLA) in our Social Security checks in 2010.

Hopefully, you will take into consideration the above matters when setting your mill levy.

Edward B. Simonson


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