Don’t forget Korea |

Don’t forget Korea

Dear Editor:

Since our recent military tribute to those who fought so valiantly in the Vietnam War, I’ve often thought about what is called the “forgotten” war in Korea, fought 50 years ago. Probably two-thirds of the population doesn’t even know why we even fought the war! I have some figures from the Internet FYI.

• Among the dead in the Army and the 8th Army’s major units, a total of 57,356 were killed.

• 92,134 were wounded.

• 4,820 were missing in action.

• 7,245 were prisoners of war, and 2,847 died as POWs.

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At 21, a high school sweetheart and I had planned to marry after he returned as a first lieutenant in the Army. He was in Korea for one month, at age 24, and was killed. Some can’t forget. Rachel Maddow has written a book called “Drift,” all about past presidents’ undeclared wars. It’s a great, smart, quick read and truly enlightening.

Forgive me if I’m viewed as “one of those” letter writers. I can’t help myself.

Betty Farson


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