Don’t forget about the collective good |

Don’t forget about the collective good

Dear Editor:

In light of the holiday season, it is rather difficult to be completely environmentally friendly. There were gifts to buy and wrap and houses to light to show the true warmth of the season.

As a local resident I enjoy both of these traditions. However, the thing that I would like most for Christmas is better fuel efficiency in our cars, less pollution and more recycling. Although I don’t know how much can be done about the first one, I know we, as Aspen citizens, can put our best foot forward in achieving the latter two goals. Simple measures are really all it takes, from resetting thermostats to buying LED Christmas lights for your tree and front porch. Such measures and tips can be easily found on the Internet and will help your wallet during this time when it seems to lose a little weight, while you gain some from all those holiday sweets. What I am hoping for is a town that can work together to spread green holiday cheer; from the little things you can do in your own home to the collective good we can work toward as a community.

A great stocking stuffer would be city-wide recycling. Although we currently have a recycling center, not everyone uses it. If everyone could make that extra trip to the recycling center it would make the holidays a lot more efficient. The establishment of city-wide recycling bins would also make a difference.

By placing recycling bins in town next to the bear-proof trash cans we could help out the environment and keep our streets a little cleaner. More city-based incentives for green businesses and cars, such as the hybrid parking benefits, would be a great gift to all citizens and the environment to help us ring in a cleaner new year.

I am not saying that people should not decorate their houses or not exchange presents this holiday ” I am hoping this year people will take the environment into consideration and implement these energy-saving measures. In fact, I hope to see more houses shining with icicle lights and holiday cheer for the holidays simply for the warmth it brings to the heart and also because LED lights are less expensive to use. So to all, I wish you a happy and energy-efficient holiday season with hopes of a cleaner and greener year.

Brianna Morse


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