Don’t fence us out |

Don’t fence us out

Dear Editor:

In 1986 my family was fortunate enough to buy a home in the Gateway subdivision of Old Snowmass, and since that time I and my family and neighbors and friends have hiked this piece of heaven called Light Hill.

We occasionally are fortunate enough to glimpse deer, elk, grouse and other wildlife all while hiking on trails and respecting the land and its creatures. We run into a neighbor or two along the way, and the outing affords us a way not only to interact and communicate as neighbors but also to expend calories and stress, which as part of the medical community for 35 years I deem essential to one’s being.

Countless evenings, deer can be seen outside our window and even a bobcat or fox or coyote strolling across the lawn. There continues to be a peaceful and respectful coexistence in this part of our world, and we would all be extremely upset over any rash decision to have to give up our moments of peace with the creatures of this earth.

Linda Vieira

Old Snowmas

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