Don’t falsify the facts |

Don’t falsify the facts

Even though there has been a significant time lapse since Michael Cleverly’s opinion piece in The Aspen Time’s weekend edition of May 25-26, we feel the charges made against Israel’s current Prime Minister are serious enough to warrant an answer.

Not only are these charges in reference to atrocities committed in the Shatilla and Sabra refugee camps in Lebanon 20 years ago false, but they are libelous.

Ariel Sharon won a libel suit brought against Time magazine where it was determined that he neither instigated nor condoned the actions actually carried out by the Christian Phalangists.

Mr. Cleverly is entitled to his opinions but not to falsify the facts.

Werner Knurr, Aspen

Judy Kava, Snowmass Village

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Larry Ladin, Snowmass Village

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