Don’t fall for the anti-hydro rhetoric |

Don’t fall for the anti-hydro rhetoric

Dear Editor:

As a longtime resident of Aspen, I commend the city for its efforts to provide the community with clean renewable energy. I hope our residents will refute those who are determined to destroy Aspen’s efforts to use its lawful water rights to generate clean hydroelectric power for all its residents and to make a tangible reduction in the town’s carbon footprint.

It saddens me to think that a few self-serving “money” interests can place full-page ads full of misinformation in our local papers for the sake of their own personal agendas. I hope our residents will see through this scheme to delay and ultimately attempt to defeat Aspen’s efforts for clean, renewable electric power for its people.

Having had hands-on experience with the generation of hydroelectric power on Castle and Maroon creeks, I can state as a fact that never in my experience operating the power plants on Castle and Maroon creeks did we denigrate the streams. Opposition to Aspen’s use of its adjudicated water rights for power generation will provide the means for outside interests to divert water from Castle and Maroon creeks. Readers should not be fooled by these full-page ads. As the saying goes: Water flows uphill to money.

Jim Markalunas


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