Don’t dignify Gray |

Don’t dignify Gray

Dear Editor:

This letter is directed to you, the many well-meaning individuals in our community who respond to Sue Gray’s provocative and hurtful messages. My goal is to convince you to cease and desist from responding to her habitual message that is not amenable to change, even when irrefutable facts are presented to her.

Gray’s intentions stem from her relentless need to instruct, inform and clarify the facts, in her mind, of the Middle East conflict. She has taken on the Israeli/ Palestinian conflict: her self-imposed area of expertise that she’s adapted, twisted and assumed as her own. Imagine the arrogance to assert her views for years without any proven credentials or specific body of knowledge; she lacks the awareness to know better. That she has chosen to spend her time composing diatribes around the same issues of hate and acrimony is sad and reflects an immutable state of mind. That we pay so much attention saps our energy.

Gray renders the same opinions that are always hard to square with the facts; this despite your well meaning attempts to set her straight. Have any of us set her straight? Our efforts have been an exercise in futility; it feeds her attention-seeking agenda with no corrective result. There can be no expectation for change, even though she presents as a cogent and cool customer. Don’t be fooled by her seeming “togetherness.” Her enduring pattern of response is inflexible; her rigid and persistent beliefs divulge her true character.

Gray claims, in conversation, that her intentions are often misunderstood. We want to believe her. Her verbal appeal for greater indulgence is often followed by an inappropriate surge of hostility: She zings you with her letters, filled with the distorted ideas we have come to know. She waits for the onslaught of response that is sure to come. She provokes with her galling words; she likes it ” the attention and sense of importance it conveys. Balanced people do not publicly regurgitate the same vitriol over a period of years. Her rage originates from within ” a common theme throughout the history of the Jewish people in which they become the projected target of misplaced anger.

At what point do you, her audience, wise up? Hers is an exploitative agenda, one of persuasion that taps your sense of pride and identity, and makes you feel obliged to respond. It gives you no gratification. It’s a manipulation that isn’t supposed to impugn Jews, but does. It hurts your sensibilities but really feeds her insatiate need for recognition. Her target is an easy spineless “get” given the endemic hatred in our world. She will not stop, but you must. The attention you give dignifies her ruse. No wonder, then, that she never goes away.

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Finally, it is significant to recognize that Sue Gray may differ from Steve Campbell when it comes to Holocaust denial; however, they are both spouting Islamist inspired propaganda widely embraced by the extremist left. They demonize Israel and incite against what they call Zionism, which, in the way they use the term, is but a euphemism for Jews.

I urge all of us to move away from this unsuccessful pattern of response to Sue Gray. It solves nothing for her and less for us. It consumes our valuable time, which is better directed toward productive endeavors in which we can make a difference.

Elaine Sandler


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