Don’t close the playground |

Don’t close the playground

Dear Editor:

Hey, Dave Reed from Carbondale! Aren’t you the communications director of the Wilderness Workshop? Isn’t it your Hidden Gems Proposal? I would think if you had favorable economic information about your proposal, you would be providing the public with it.

If you or anyone else has interest in the amount of revenue and jobs created by multiuser groups in our national forests, you can start by checking out the Colorado Off Highway Vehicle Coalition (Remember, these numbers do not include camper vehicles, hunter revenue, mountain bikers, senior citizens and the disabled). The numbers are staggering!

I live in Glenwood Springs and see daily ATVs, horse trailers and campers at our local hotels and restaurants. I’ve gone up and asked these good folks why they are here. They are here to recreate in our national forests! Before and after their trip into the forest, they are lodging in our towns, dining in our restaurants, soaking in our hot springs, experiencing our Fairy Caves, buying our gas, and doing a little shopping for their sweeties back home.

Didn’t our own Gov. Ritter say (April 27 press release) “Tourism is one of the pillar’s of Colorado’s economy?” Take away the playground, Dave, and they won’t come to play!

Nancy Williams

Glenwood Springs

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