Don’t cater to Johnny’s mom |

Don’t cater to Johnny’s mom

Dear Editor:Concerning the debate over the agenda at the Aspen Art Museum: It seems to me that the art museum is for art, not art class.We see input from teachers, but where is the input from the artists? When I grew up, it was the refrigerator door that was the kid’s art museum. Why waste limited resources catering to the wishes of Johnny’s mom hoping to see Johnny’s art when these same parents are nowhere to be seen the rest of the year.It seems that the valley’s parents are taking this opportunity to pile on the new curator, when it seems to me that she is taking steps to make the Aspen Art Museum a legitimate museum and community asset.As far as a youth display, perhaps the kids could have a show at Pitkin County Senior Services, where they feature an artist of the month in their main room.Mike TreckerAspen

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