Don’t cannibalize the trolleys |

Don’t cannibalize the trolleys

How unseemly this council is. I’m sorry to trouble your readers, but I am out of state on an annual job commitment. Why, oh why, are they giving trolleys away to New Zealand when so many communities would like them right here in the USA?

Not only that, they are violating their own directive. These trolleys are supposed to be given to communities which will use them as transportation.

I spoke with the representative from New Zealand when the city first proposed giving them away (he called for my advice). He said they needed the trolley they asked for to take the motors and wheels out from under to put under one of their own historic trolleys, which had none.

In other words, they were looking for a trolley to cannibalize. Now they want two, no doubt telling the city that one is for parts.

No trolleys should be given to New Zealand; they should stay right here in the U.S. Tell the council that, and do it right away, as they’re trying to get rid of these like it was some kind of plague.

Jon Busch


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