Don’t can recycling program |

Don’t can recycling program

I am a member of the Aspen High School Earth Group. As a club, we test the quality of local water and manage the recycling program for our school. We have issued bins throughout the school for both paper and can/bottle recycling, as well as empty those bins on a weekly basis.

When I found out that the county was considering to “can” the recycling program I was appalled. Why it may not be currently financially feasible, didn’t Referendum 1A recently allow the county to keep programs such as recycling?

If not, there must be hundreds of different ways to maintain the countywide recycling program. With the current administration in Washington, we need to do everything we can to slow, if not stop, the tide of eco-destruction.

Recycling, even on the county level, can make a huge impact in the state of the state, the country, or even the whole world. Let’s leave this place a little better than we found it and try to set a good example for everyone.

Sean Braisted

AHS Earth Group

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