Don’t call them homes |

Don’t call them homes

Dear Editor:Let’s be clear about a few things. Recent articles about multi-million-dollar and million-dollar properties in Aspen are not about “homes.” The articles are about houses, real estate, structures, physical properties.Home is an intangible, like love is. No one builds, buys, sells, remodels, rents, repairs, finances, or forecloses an intangible. No one puts double-pane windows on an intangible. No one leaves a “home” empty nine months of the year.It’s called “real” estate because you can see, touch, measure, or construct it. It can also be destroyed.Home cannot be destroyed. Home is within a person, whether the person resides in a shack or a castle.Just as some tangible expressions of love are a smile, a hug, nurture, sex, giving birth, some tangible expressions of home are house, condo, townhouse, mansion, apartment, cabin, tent, RV, houseboat, city sidewalk near a heating grate.So let’s stop talking about the cost of “homes” in Aspen. We’re talking about residences or investments. We cannot put a dollar value on home, just like we cannot put a dollar value on love (although some people put one on sex).We put price tags on “real” property. The tax man cometh not for your home; he cometh only for your house.Being a human being means making conscious choices. I’m suggesting we choose our words as consciously as we choose paint colors for a kitchen.LinelleAspen


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