Don’t bring action to halt |

Don’t bring action to halt

It can never be overstated that politics makes for strange bedfellows. That is especially true in Aspen.

Which brings us to the upcoming council runoff. There are many people in this town that care nothing of our tourist economy, affordable housing, improved mass transit, property rights and your tax dollars.

Tony Hershey is not one of these people. His record speaks for itself. He has championed each of these issues; and from what I have heard from Torre, if he is elected any movement on these issues will come to a halt.

Tony has gone to Washington to fight for clean-burning hybrid vehicles and supports the Burlingame housing project. Many people would consider these to be liberal/socialist pursuits. These are also positions taken by Mick Ireland and Rachel Richards.

Sometimes the common good has a way of transcending political philosophies. I urge you to vote for Tony Hershey. Now is not the time to stick our heads back in the sand.

Michael O’Sullivan


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