Don’t blame the pit bulls |

Don’t blame the pit bulls

Dear Editor:I read with interest your write-up of the incident in the “upscale” neighborhood regarding the dogs. I appreciate what seems balance in presenting both sides. From my point of view, Mr. Rob Snyder was negligent in NOT having his dogs under control.Nancy Crenshaw is not alone in being discriminated against because she owns dogs considered “vicious.” I would invite further exploration of the issue at a website entitled: noted the “pit bull” was not correctly labeled, however, effort was made to identify the other dog as a bull mastiff. I would also like to share that as a future Colorado resident (who doesn’t own an American Staffordshire terrier, American pit bull terrier, or a Staffordshire bull terrier) I remain interested in the ignorance of some and stupidity of others who do not seem to want to hold owners accountable and responsible for their guardianship of their companion animals.Kathy N. S. SuttonBolingbrook, Ill.

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