Don’t blame the locals |

Don’t blame the locals

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:I notice in the paper (Aspen Times, Aug. 3) that the Aspen City Council feels that local workers are responsible for the pedestrian/traffic problem that exists in the downtown core. I would like to address a couple of points. First, I feel it is still very much up for debate if there actually is a problem. I’ve lived here for many years and have no problem whatsoever crossing the streets. Most of the pedestrian or traffic problems I witness stem from the pedestrian’s or driver’s inattention to the current situation. For instance, looking at the mountains or the pretty store windows while driving or crossing the street, instead of focusing on the task at hand. I don’t think City Council will be able to legislate behavior in this regard.Second, if there is in fact a problem with pedestrians and traffic, there is no way that it is the fault of the local working crew. It is not like there is a big flow of workers headed out to their cars to rotate them and during this process, there is interaction with many pedestrians. If these workers do shuttle their cars around, the process goes something like this: Leave work quickly, go move your car quickly and then get back to work. These commuters are not driving through the downtown core at that time, so Semrau’s point is moot.The major problem with traffic and the downtown core is oblivious drivers interacting with oblivious pedestrians and, like I said before, there is nothing that City Council can do about it other than “going Zermatt” and banning all automobiles in the downtown core. This is one solution I could get behind, but other than that I think we’re doing just fine.Mike TreckerTwining Flats

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